Useless Machine

Useless Machine

What is this? ………. The most asked question, when one sees it for the first time. A good question with a simple answer: It is a useless machine.

Next question: What can you do with it? ………. Absolutely nothing, it has no real use.

What we can say is that it is the perfect gift for someone who already has everything except ………. A Useless Machine.

It is great fun to see how people react switching on the machine. An almost real looking finger appears switching the machine off immediately. 

See it in action (Youtube Video - Useless machine): 

Useless Machine is an AREXX product developed in Europe. Also available as a kit.


Power voltage   
Power source    

:   4.5 Volt
:   3 pcs. AA batteries (not included)
:   85 mm
:   150 mm
:   105 mm

Wooden version, lid closed

Wooden version, lid open

Plastic version, lid closed

Plastic version, lid open