Serial I/O Controller


SAM is a serial port Input/Output controller.

It can be controlled with the supplied Windows software or a terminal emulator (like Windows Hyper Terminal or LINUX Minicom) and a Personal Computer.

SAM-01 has 8 relays with 3 way contacts (C (“Common”), NO (“Normally Open”) and NC (“Normally Closed”)), 4 optocoupler inputs and 5 digital I/O’s. The 5 extra digital I/O’s can be configured as Inputs or Outputs.The controller is commanded with very simple instructions. The SAM-01 is multifunctional and can be used for many applications.

The primary function of the supplied software is to switch the relay contacts after a change of status (so called, “events”) e.g. of button switches, timers, etc. It is possible to use logical functions for the events.

A second function of the software is to control the MOVIT Robot Arm. Therefore you need an optional interface card (IK-108) which can be connected to the SAM-01. With this Robot Arm software application you can control the Robot Arm directly or you can make your own program in a Basic computer language. In this Basic program language you can use the IF/THEN and GOTO statements. Of course, the optical inputs can also be used. A few example programs and an educational mode will help you to learn the Basic programming step by step.

Another enhancement of IK108 is that you do not need Batteries for the Robot Arm anymore, because the IK 108 allows you to use an external power supply.

More about this can be found in the SAM Manual.

SAM-01 is available as a Kit, or as a fully assembled controller.