With the MOVIT Robot Arm Kit, you can experience the possibilities of modern industrial robots.
It teaches you about basic robotic sensing and motion principles and with a PC Interface also how to program such an Robot.

The Robot Arm has five joints operated by 5 motors and features all usual motions like grab, release, lift, lower, rotate wrist and pivot sideways and is capable of moving payloads of up to 130 g very precisely.
It's actors are controllable by five switches on a wired controller pad. The transparent arm and small bulb lights allow you to observe gear mechanisms and their movement.

It is delivered as a kit, so you have to build it yourself. The manual provided along with the Robot Arm contains a detailed description of the components and full instructions on assembling the arm, together with an explanation of the mechanisms involved and a brief history of robots. You will learn much more about the construction of robots and you will have lots of fun when assembling the Arm yourself. 

PC Interface and Software

There are also two PC Interfaces available: MRAI and SAM. They both allow you to control the Robot Arm with a PC Software and let the Robot Arm interact with its environment. MRAI ("MOVIT Robot Arm Interface") is the basic Controller that was specifically designed to control this Robot Arm. The Robot Arm and the Interface are powered with Batteries.

SAM is the more advanced controller and can also be used for many other applications. Also SAM allows you to operate the Robot arm without Batteries.
More about SAM can be found on the SAM product page.

SAM and MRAI use the same control software which is also described on the SAM product page.